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Story Mastery All Day Workshop


Story Mastery for Attorneys

One of your most powerful methods for swaying a jury, a judge, an associate or a client is the use of stories. Drawing on his decades as a script consultant, author and lecturer, Michael reveals Hollywood’s most powerful methods for creating emotionally involving and commercially successful stories. Using film clips, hands on exercises and direct feedback, Michael shows how applying the principles of plot structure, character development and theme to your stories will strengthen your presentations, sway opinion, and move them to the action or judgment you desire.

Michael Hauge's Story Mastery - All Day Workshops

You will learn:

  • Why stories are essential to courtroom success
  • The primary goal of all story
  • The power of transformation
  • The essential conflict all characters must face
  • The 6 stages of a well structured story
  • How to portray any client – in any situation – as a hero (and any opponent as a nemesis)
  • When and how to weave stories throughout your speech
  • The difference between emotion and emoting
  • The single secret for taking your stories from boring to captivating

If you want to elevate your speaking to the highest possible level, this event is a must.

Connect. Convince. Compel.

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Advanced Story Mastery Intensive

This limited enrollment workshop, exclusively for attorneys who have attended Michael’s Story Mastery seminar, will provide individual coaching to participants, an opportunity for constructive peer feedback, and the opportunity to see Michael’s principles and methods for great storytelling applied to a variety of presentations.

Each of the participants in this unique event will present selected stories from a variety of situations in and out of court. Michael will then provide individual guidance to each participant, followed by group discussion of each of the presentations. Particular attention will be paid to the character and structure of each story, its emotional impact, and its effectiveness at contributing to the attorney’s individual objective.

Michael Hauge's Advanced Story Master Intensive All Day Workshop

“My client was facing 18 years in prison. Using your method for my opening statement, I first developed empathy for my client and revealed his flaws, then applied your principles of sequencing and structure. IT WORKED! The jury was out for only 45 minutes and came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.

Adrian BacaLos Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney


The 10 Essential Elements of Every Great Story

Whatever the arena – courtroom, testimony, summation, deposition, arbitration, press conference, lecture or speech – and whoever your client – individual, class or corporation – you must master the art of incorporating stories into your presentations. In this acclaimed presentation, Michael reveals the 10 components that form the foundation of every successful Hollywood movie – and shows how employing them will sway opinion, cast your client in the best possible light, and move people to take the action you desire.

You will learn:

  • Why stories are your most effective form of persuasion
  • The #1 goal of every story
  • The 10 essential elements your stories must contain
  • How to create audience empathy for your hero
  • A simple method for mastering story structure
  • The power of transformation
Michael Hauge - 10 Essential Elements of Every Great Story

“Michael Hauge brings rare psychological insight to story theory, and will help you make your stories more believable and more emotionally effective.”

Christopher VoglerStory consultant; Author: The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers


The Power of Empathy: Making Your Client a Hero

One of the most critical – and one of the most difficult – goals for any attorney is to cast his or her client in a favorable light, and persuade a judge, a jury, the opposition, the press or the public to identify and sympathize with their situation. In this unique presentation, Michael reveals how using Hollywood’s proven methods for creating empathy with even the darkest of heroes can transform your presentations, and persuade the most resistive audiences to see the situation through your clients’ eyes.

You will learn:

  • Why heroes shouldn’t be heroic
  • How to position your client as the hero of your story or presentation
  • The 3 essential methods for creating empathy and identification
  • How desire, need, fear, longing and transformation humanize your client in the eyes of your audience
  • The 6 stages of a well structured story
  • When to resolve your story – and when to leave your audience hanging

Anatomy of a Screenplay Keynote by Michael Hauge

Courage. Essence. Transformation.

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