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Story Mastery All Day Workshop


Story Mastery for Speakers

Drawing on his decades as a script consultant, author and lecturer, Michael reveals Hollywood’s most powerful methods for creating emotionally involving and commercially successful stories.

Using film clips, hands on exercises and direct feedback, Michael shows how applying the principles of plot structure, character development and theme to your stories will strengthen your speeches, transform your audiences, and move them to action.

Michael Hauge's Story Mastery - All Day Workshops

You will learn:

  • The primary goal of all story
  • The power of desire, need, longing and destiny
  • The essential conflict all characters must face
  • The 6 stages of a well structured story
  • The magic of character arc and theme
  • The 4 most effective ways to begin your story
  • When to make yourself the story’s hero – and when NOT to
  • 3 ways to create empathy with your hero
  • When and how to weave stories throughout your speech
  • The difference between emotion and emoting
  • The single secret for taking your stories from boring to captivating

If you want to elevate your speaking to the highest possible level, this event is a must.

Inform. Enthrall. Transform.

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Advanced Story Mastery Intensive

This limited enrollment advanced workshop, exclusively for speakers who have attended Michael’s Story Mastery seminar, will provide individual coaching to participants, an opportunity for constructive peer feedback, and the opportunity to see Michael’s principles and methods for great storytelling applied to a variety of speeches.

Each of the participants in this unique event will present selected stories from their keynote speech to the entire group.

Michael will then provide individual guidance to each participant, followed by group discussion of each of the speeches.

Particular attention will be paid to:

  • the character and structure of each story
  • its emotional impact
  • effectiveness at contributing to the speaker’s individual objectives
  • overall theme
Michael Hauge's Advanced Story Master Intensive All Day Workshop

“Whenever I recommend Michael Hauge to my clients, I know that his experience as a top Hollywood script consultant, and his masterful ability to bring out the emotional potential of any story, will help business professionals and professional speakers tell their stories more effectively.”

Patricia FrippExecutive speech coach and Past President, National Speakers Association, CSP, CPAE; Patricia is virtually everywhere with


The 10 Essential Elements of Every Great Story

Whatever your topic, your audience or your desired outcome, you must master the art of incorporating stories into your speeches.

In this acclaimed presentation, Michael reveals the 10 components that form the foundation of every successful Hollywood movie – and shows how, by incorporating them into your speech, you will touch and transform your audiences at the deepest possible level.

You will learn:

  • Why stories are your most effective selling tool
  • The #1 goal of every story
  • The 10 essential elements your stories must contain
  • How to transform your audience into your story’s hero
  • A simple method for mastering story structure
  • The power of transformation
Michael Hauge - 10 Essential Elements of Every Great Story

“I have never seen my members so engrossed. Michael has a unique way of showing speakers how to think about stories to draw the audience in emotionally. Once you’ve heard his presentation, your stories will never be the same again.”

Melanie DePaoliBrand Catalyst: Omicle (; National Speakers Association Northwest Board


Creating Your Signature Stories

To work at the highest level of public speaking, you must have two signature stories – one for the beginning of your keynote or workshop and one for the end. Michael will reveal how opening up about yourself with personal stories will empower you to connect more deeply with your audience, reveal the steps that led to your success, and persuade your audience with your overall message.

You will learn:

  • The difference between patting yourself on the back and revealing your humanity.
  • What should – and shouldn’t – be included in a personal story.
  • How to make your own experience relevant to your entire audience.
  • How to weave your theme into your signature stories.
  • Why your more vulnerable and revealing story should always be saved for last.

Hollywood Story Coach, Michael Hauge Presents Story Presentations to Large Audiences All Over the World

“Michael is a Hollywood master with an affable style that gets right to the heart of the matter. In a matter of minutes he can help craft a signature story that will set you apart from the crowd.”

Henry DeVriesCEO: Indie Books International


Hollywood Openings to Seduce Your Audience

The opening of your speech – and the beginning of any story – are critical for creating an emotional connection to your audience, drawing them into the world your creating, and laying the groundwork for your overall message and theme. Michael Hauge will show you the five types of openings that begin every Hollywood blockbuster can elevate the power and success of your speech as well.

You will learn:

  • The single biggest mistake most speakers make as soon as they step on the stage
  • The 3 elements every opening must contain
  • Why trying to grab your audience will sabotage your speech
  • The power of the unexpected: prologues, flashbacks and bookends – and how to choose which works best
  • How the opening of a great story defines its ending.
Essential components are needed for a powerful opening to capture your audience and keep them reading or listening

“After hearing Michael speak, I felt like I’d been handed a flashlight and a map. His unique way of discussing plot and character arc are unrivaled and have been a tremendous help to my own writing.”

Kristan HigginsMultiple Rita Award recipient: In Your Dreams; Waiting on You; The Perfect Match


Movie, Episode or Miniseries? Weaving Stories Throughout Your Presentation

Beyond crafting emotionally compelling stories, outstanding speakers must know how to weave a series of stories into their longer keynotes and breakout sessions. In this unique presentation, Michael will show how applying Hollywood principles of plot structure will enable you to hold your audience’s interest, steadily build the emotional power of your theme, and finish in a way that will bring your audience to their feet.

You will learn:

  • The best stories for beginning your speech – and the one you must save to the end
  • When – and when not – to make yourself the hero of a story
  • The danger of telling your own life story, and how to overcome it
  • Which stories should be self contained, and which should you return to
  • How stories to instruct differ from stories that persuade
  • Hollywood’s 4 most powerful structural secrets: Foreshadowing, Echoing, Superior Position and the Ticking Clock

Anatomy of a Screenplay Keynote by Michael Hauge

Character. Desire. Conflict.

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