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Online Advanced Story Mastery Intensive for Novelists


Online Advanced Story Mastery Intensive

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Product Description

Each of the five participants in this unique event will submit a 1-page outline of a novel, which will be read in advance by Michael and all the other participants. During the online workshop Michael will provide individual guidance to each member of the group, followed by group discussion of each of the projects.

Particular attention will be paid to applying Michael’s principles for story concept, plot structure, character categories, backstory, character arc, love stories, underlying theme and commercial potential, and to helping each writer realize his or her personal vision for the story.

The workshop is scheduled for 3 hours, but participants should be prepared to go overtime in order to accommodate each person’s individual project.

Participants email addresses will be provided to the entire group, and outlines must be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the event. It is understood that anyone selected to participate agrees to read everyone else’s work prior to the workshop. Specific instructions for creating and submitting your outline will be provided after the close of registration.


When Michael Hauge speaks, people listen. Not only does he take complete command of any room, you’ll know in your very first moments with him just how deep and powerful his understanding of story and character are. He can break down his unique approach in ways that are both effective and inspiring. His passion will reel you in, his charm and presence will keep you entertained. But it’s his boundless knowledge of everything he talks about that’s the real game changer for his audiences.”

Lee JessupCareer Coach for Professional and Aspiring Screenwriters


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