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Streaming Video: Pitching & Selling Your Screenplay or Novel in 60 Seconds


Michael Hauge, best-selling author of Writing Screenplays That Sell and Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds, presents his proven approach to getting agents, producers, editors and publishers to read your screenplay or manuscript.

This is a streaming video recording of Michael’s recent live webinar.


Product Description

Ensure your ability to get agents, editors, producers and executives to read your work by mastering the essential components of a powerful pitch including:

  • Your primary objective – and how to achieve it

  • The 8 steps to a powerful pitch

  • The 8 essential elements of any story

  • The single most powerful way to begin your pitch

  • The 10 biggest pitching mistakes – and how to avoid them

  • The win-win way to end your pitch

This special 2-hour event, including a Q&A session with participants, is the ideal way to prepare for your next pitch fest or conference, and for the telephone and in person pitches you must make to advance your writing or filmmaking career.

SPECIAL BONUS: Includes a complete workbook to accompany the webinar, plus 3 of Michael’s best articles on marketing:

The 10 Commandments of Selling Your Screenplay

The #1 Rule of the Telephone Pitch

See Your Writing Through an Agent’s Eyes

“I have made most of our sales – including Wedding Crashers – by pitching. I wish Michael Hauge’s method had been around when I was starting out—it would have saved me most of the humiliation, and some of the stuttering.”

Bob FisherScreenwriter: Wedding Crashers; We're the Millers; Creator, Executive Producer: Sirens

“Props to Michael Hauge, who once again advances his timeless insights, this time into perhaps the most under-utilized tool in the professional writer’s war chest: the telephone pitch. Armed with his savvy methods, you’ll commandeer the meaningful consideration you and your work deserve.”

Diane CairnsProducer; Screenwriter; Former Senior VP: ICM; former Senior VP of Production, Universal Pictures


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