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Streaming Video: Grabbing the Reader in the First 10 Pages


Create powerful opening scenes that transport readers into your story and compel them to keep reading.

Take a Look: Sample Clip from Grabbing the Reader in the First 10 Pages


Product Description

The opening of your screenplay is your single most powerful weapon for acquiring an agent or securing a deal. Most Hollywood executives won’t read past page 10 if they’re not immediately involved in your story, but will forgive an abundance of weaknesses later in the script if you grab them from the moment they begin. 

Using examples from several Oscar nominated screenplays, this video will show you how to:

  • Ensure that your opening scenes draw readers into the world you’ve created
  • Set the tone of your screenplay
  • Establish empathy with your hero
  • Lay the groundwork for character growth and theme
  • Compel readers to turn the page

Michael also gives selected participants direct feedback on their opening scenes, which you can read directly on the screen as you hear his commentary and suggestions.

“The most comprehensive and thoughtful analysis yet for professional screenwriting.”

Diane CairnsProducer; Screenwriter; Former Senior VP: ICM;
former Senior VP of Production, Universal Pictures

When Michael Hauge speaks, people listen. Not only does he take complete command of any room, you’ll know in your very first moments with him just how deep and powerful his understanding of story and character are. He can break down his unique approach in ways that are both effective and inspiring. His passion will reel you in, his charm and presence will keep you entertained. But it’s his boundless knowledge of everything he talks about that’s the real game changer for his audiences.”

Lee JessupCareer Coach for Professional and Aspiring Screenwriters


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