Hollywood Tricks of the Trade #1: The Point of No Return

Greetings –

After more than two years of creating and marketing my new Hollywood StorySelling digital course, along with a heavy schedule of presentations, coaching business leaders, writers and filmmakers, partnering with Ed Rush’s MasterMind group and Stage Time University, and planning future projects, I discovered I was feeling a sense of overload, and losing my enthusiasm for what has always before brought me joy. (My own, personal, world-upside-down experience of the last two and a half years had a lot to do with this as well.)

At first, I decided just to taper off my workload, which probably made it seem like I had fallen off the radar, but it didn’t really do the job. So I realized what I really needed was an old-fashioned, genuine Summer Vacation: no coaching, presentations or essentially work of any kind – only fun and relaxation – between now and September. Nevada and my team will take care of everything in the meantime, be available for any questions or concerns you have, and keep me in the loop as necessary. (I’ve asked them to refer to my absence as a “sabbatical,” which sounds a lot more elevated and academic than, “Michael’s on his summer vacation.”) 

But here’s what you’re going to like about all this…

One of the most popular elements of Hollywood StorySelling has become the added bonus module Hollywood Tricks of the Trade. These are 17 story secrets that you’ve seen in countless successful movies, TV shows and novels, and can now incorporate into your stories for the page, stage or screen. So to make up for my absence over the next 3 months, we are offering that ENTIRE MODULE for free. If you’re a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll get the video of one of these secrets – taken directly from Hollywood StorySelling – every Tuesday for the next 17 weeks.

I hope these will make your own summer more fun and enlightening, especially since these “tricks” will elevate your stories whether you’re a speaker, author, consultant, marketer or screenwriter. And of course, I hope you will be so captivated by the videos that you will want to experience the entire course.

So here is your first Hollywood Trick: The Point of No Return

ENJOY, and Happy Summer!

–  Michael  

P.S. For more information on Hollywood StorySelling, please go to www.HollywoodStorySelling.com