Hollywood Tricks of the Trade #5: Superior Position

You know that feeling when we’re privy to a secret no one else knows, or when we have some valuable piece of information others don’t have yet?

And that piece of information is quite possibly a game-changer? And will most likely be a shocking revelation when revealed?

And we can’t wait to find out what happens when it is?

It’s exciting, and it draws us directly and emotionally into the conflict in real life and in stories.

In storytelling, letting your audiences in on this kind of secret – giving them Superior Position over the characters in your story – is one of your primary tools for creating anticipation and emotion. And it’s what I reveal in this week’s video.

Superior Position is the 5th of 17 Hollywood Tricks of the Trade, excerpted from Hollywood StorySelling, my new course for speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, consultants and business leaders.

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– Michael

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Movie example referenced in this video:


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