Hollywood Tricks of the Trade #17: Titles

We are now down to the final video in my 17-part Hollywood Tricks of the Trade series, one of the bonus modules included in my Hollywood StorySelling master course.

This last trick of the trade starts at the very beginning with TITLES.

While there isn’t necessarily a “formula” for coming up with good titles, I wanted to give you some insights into how Hollywood comes up with strong, marketable, memorable titles in order to help you brainstorm titles for your presentations, speeches, and stories.

It’s been very gratifying to share this series with all of you, and I hope you’ve found the videos helpful. If you’d like to go deeper into all aspects of storytelling for business, take a look at my Hollywood StorySelling master class. It’s been a game changer for countless speakers, presenters, consultants, marketers, and business leaders and it’s sure to give you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd and connect more deeply with your audiences and readers.

As always, ENJOY!

– Michael

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