Writing from Your Essence

Last week I once again was part of a wonderful, almost indescribable experience. I had the privilege of joining World Champions of Public Speaking Darren LaCroix and Mark Brown at GET COACHED TO SPEAK, one of the monthly boot camps for Darren’s Stage Time University.

This was my third time participating in this workshop, and I’ve never able to fully explain – or describe – the magic that happens at this event. It’s both exciting and humbling to get to work with Darren and Mark, not just for their absolute mastery of all elements of speaking, but also for their humor and passion, and the compassion and love they show each of the speakers.

The connections created among everyone in the room, and the transformative results for the participants and their speeches are wonderful to experience.

Think of the scene in Amadeus where Salieri is furiously writing down the notes being dictated to him by Mozart. Salieri is in awe of the music coming seemingly from nothing, and instantly transforming into something glorious.

But who is creating it? Is it Salieri, because he’s the one putting it to paper? Mozart, who is relaying the notes so quickly he cannot possibly be thinking about them? Or is it something greater?

This is when Salieri realizes the sin and futility of blaming God for giving Mozart all the talent. Salieri knows now that both he and Mozart are both simply instruments of God – they are both “mediocrities” (in his words at the end of the film), but blessed to be a part of something so much greater.

It was the same with us last week, I think. It’s the coming together – the connection we had to each other and the speakers and the stories – that brought about the transformation and allowed all of us to experience our essence.

As a storyteller, these moments will occur for you as well. When you let go of concerns about whether what you’re writing is “good,” and about how it compares, and about how others will react, you can experience the deep connection you have with your characters, your readers and yourself.

In those moments, you will be the instrument for bringing to life the power and the emotion of your story, and the transformation that comes from within you – from your own essence.