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"When I asked Michael if he would share his wisdom with my mastermind group, I had the fun of witnessing his brilliance as he magically transformed each of their stories - and their business success. And his advice on story placement, character and detail helped me turn my latest book from good to great.

Michael Hauge is the most insightful, accurate and compassionate consultant you’ll find.

When you get a chance to work with him, DO IT!"

Ed Rush
Ed Rush
Top Gun Pilot, 5-time #1 Best Selling Author
“I’ve had a really unique chance to work with Michael Hauge for over a decade now inside of my business. I recently invited Michael back to one of our events to share his storytelling approach, and of all the things he teaches, my favorite is everything related to the hero’s Inner Journey. I had this big epiphany after hearing Michael talk about how I can have the same changes in myself personally that heroes have in stories. So this became a personal framework in development for me as well. Michael’s not only one of the best teachers of story in the world, he’s also figured out frameworks that all of us can use to change our lives as well."
Russell Brunson
Russell Brunson
Founder/CEO for ClickFunnels, author: DotCom Secrets; Expert Secrets; Traffic Secrets
"I’ve been a presentation skills and business storytelling coach since 2011, and of all the wonderful coaches I've had, Michael Hauge has had the most profound impact on my ability not only to tell stories, but to help other people uncover their most impactful stories, craft them, and deliver them with authenticity and impact. With Michael’s principles, tools and guidance, you will stand out in a crowded business field. People will lean in when you begin speaking, and they will stay with you from beginning to end. Most important, after hearing your stories, audiences will be compelled to take action, and to buy whatever product, service, or idea you are selling. If you want to become a world-class storyteller, you can do yourself no bigger favor working with Michael Hauge."
Michael Davis
Michael Davis
World-class speaker, TED-X and business speaking coach; President of Speaking CPR

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Do your event participants want to set themselves and their organizations apart from the competition, increase their revenue, and impact their clients, customers, audiences and followers? Then they must master the ability to create emotionally powerful stories both on the stage and on the page. Michael Hauge’s unique approach to story, based on more than 30 years as one of Hollywood’s top story experts, has enlightened, entertained and transformed more than half a million writers, filmmakers, speakers, entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world. 

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