Creating Powerful Movie Scenes


Creating Powerful Movie Scenes

This Screenwriting Expo Video Series 2-hour masters course reveals the elements of action, description, and dialogue that will insure the overall success of your screenplay.

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Good scenes are like great movies in miniature: they draw the reader into a unique reality; create empathy and identification with the characters; reveal compelling desires and insurmountable conflicts; contribute to character growth and theme; provide a blueprint for direction and performance; and elicit bigger-than-life emotions. Using examples from a variety of recent, successful films, this video will reveal the elements of action, description and dialogue that will insure the overall success of your screenplay.

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“When Michael Hauge speaks, people listen. Not only does he take complete command of any room, you’ll know in your very first moments with him just how deep and powerful his understanding of story and character are. He can break down his unique approach in ways that are both effective and inspiring. His passion will reel you in, his charm and presence will keep you entertained. But it’s his boundless knowledge of everything he talks about that’s the real game changer for his audiences.”
Lee Jessup
Lee Jessup
Career Coach for Professional and Aspiring Screenwriters
“Michael Hauge’s principles and methods are so well argued that the mysteries of effective screenwriting can be understood – even by directors.”
Phillip Noyce
Phillip Noyce
Director: Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger; Salt; Producer/Director: Crisis (NBC)

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