Mastering the 2-Minute Pitch (DVD)


Mastering the 2-Minute Pitch

Whether you’re on the phone, attending a conference or at a pitch fest, this streaming video shows you how to guarantee that the people in power will read your work.




Whether at a pitch fest or on the telephone, screenwriters and novelists repeatedly face the challenge of having only a minute or two to convince the people in power to read their work. This hands-on workshop will explore the key story components that will guarantee success at your Expo pitch meetings, as well as any time you’re pitching your story on the telephone, at a conference or on the elevator.

  • The 4 stages to a powerful pitch: relationship, revelation, request, and reaction.
  • The 10 key elements of any story.
  • The most powerful way to begin your pitch.
  • Insuring success at a pitch fest.
  • Avoiding the 5 biggest pitching mistakes.
  • The 2 ways to close the deal—and which works best for you.
  • What to do after they say “YES.”

Michael also gives selected participants direct feedback on their story concepts and pitches, allowing you to master your own pitch by learning from the strengths and weaknesses of others.

Take a Look: Sample Clip from Mastering the 2-Minute Pitch


“I am a first time writer, and I’ve never done anything like a pitch. However, in only a few minutes you had gotten to the bottom of my story and I was able to organize it perfectly. Imagine my surprise when the very first producer I approached at the Pitch Fest told me that I had ‘just given the best pitch she had ever heard!’ That gave me all the confidence I needed for the rest of the day. I feel confident I can pitch to anyone now. Thank you!”
Ed Abramson
Screenwriter: Season of the Witch
“I made five separate pitches following Michael’s principles, and every company I met with asked to see my screenplay.”
Anne Winn
“I won first place in the Pitch Slam competition just by using the techniques I learned from Michael Hauge’s lecture. They put me in control of the meeting, so I was able to relax. I followed them to the letter, and they really worked! And I know it was his system and not my pitch, because I’ve used this pitch before. But this time, it sold!”
Rosa Graham
Screenwriter; Founder of Find the Funny
“I just got back from the FADE IN Pitch Fest. I had watched your Mastering the 2-Minute Pitch video four times, and followed your methods verbatim. I received 9 script requests, plus a request from an agent at ICM!”
Todd Showalter
Screenwriter: Beer Money

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