Writing Screenplays that Sell (Paperback)

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Writing Screenplays That Sell 20th Anniversary Edition

An AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the complete, step-by-step guide for writing and selling to the movies and TV, from story concept to development deal.

$21.99 $17.87 for exclusive autographed edition



For more than 35 years, WRITING SCREENPLAYS THAT SELL has been hailed as the most complete guide available on the art, craft, and business of writing for movies and television. Now fully revised and updated to reflect the latest trends and scripts, Hollywood story expert and script consultant Michael Hauge walks readers through every step, from developing successful story concepts to artistry vs. commerciality; writing adaptations to protecting product; writing episodic TV series to successful story concepts; getting an agent to living and working outside of L.A; and much more.

Every copy purchased is signed by Michael Hauge and comes with a brand new bookmark!

Extensive revisions have been made for this first new edition

  • More than 120 new movie examples
  • A new, expanded list of criteria for finding and selecting commercial Story Concepts
  • An expanded approach to Story Structure, including new information on opening scenes, why most adaptations fail, effective use of flashbacks, and emotionally powerful endings
  • An updated and expanded approach to marketing your script, including all new information on script consultants, script competitions, pitch fests, virtual pitching, email blasts, log line listings, audio script readings, and Internet resources for screenwriters
  • A complete, in depth analysis of the screenplay for Avatar – the biggest box office success of all time


“By far the best screenwriting book I’ve ever read. Michael Hauge’s wise and humane approach to story and character development is the only one that consistently works for me. I make sure to consult this book whenever I begin a project – and again when I run into trouble. Writing Screenplays That Sell will not only help you write a screenplay that has a chance of selling, it’ll help you write a movie worth watching.”
Bob Fisher
Bob Fisher
Screenwriter: Wedding Crashers; We’re the Millers; Screenwriter/Executive Producer: Mixed Signals
“Don’t come to Hollywood without reading this book, because everyone else has.”
Terry Rossio
Terry Rossio
Co-writer: Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3 & 4; Shrek; Aladdin; The Mask of Zorro; Déjà Vu; Masters of the Universe
“If you’re serious about becoming a screenwriter, start by reading this book.”
Robert Mark Kamen
Robert Mark Kamen
Screenwriter: Taken; The Karate Kid
“Absolutely required reading… and re-reading. Michael Hauge’s freshly updated WRITING SCREENPLAYS THAT SELL is flat-out one of the best books on screenwriting available. Newbie or pro, if you want to improve your screen storytelling craft then keep this volume close at hand.”
Eric Edson
Director of Graduate Screenwriting at Cal State University Northridge; Author of The Story Solution: 23 Steps All Great Heroes Must Take
“Michael Hauge brings rare psychological insight to screenplay theory, and will help you make your stories more believable and more emotionally effective. Every time I pick up this book I find some useful idea or surprising revelation in his thoughtful analysis of the different genres.”
Christopher Vogler
Christopher Vogler
Story consultant; Author: The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers
You should add a disclaimer to “Writing Screenplays that Sell” – I’m using a gallon of ink underlining all the helpful ideas. Most book buyers will not anticipate the pen expense or potential wrist soreness, so you might end up getting sued. Thank you!
Mark Gavagan

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