Screenwriting for Hollywood


Screenwriting for Hollywood

Learn how to elicit emotion, create strong characters, structure your stories and conquer the business side of Hollywood.

Write the Great American Screenplay! Writers once dreamed of writing novels: now it’s screenplays. Here’s your step-by-step guide to writing AND selling to movies and TV.

These three hours are the highlights of Michael Hauge’s acclaimed two-day, intensive screenwriting seminar.

$19.95 (plus $9.95 S&H)



Listen and learn how to:

  • Elicit emotion (your primary goal)
  • Create strong characters
  • Structure your stories
  • Conquer the business side of Hollywood

INCLUDES ground-breaking information on “feminine mode” movies, a unique approach to character growth and guidance on your life as a screenwriter.


“The only screenwriting instructor out there who might be truly wasting his time – because he should be writing screenplays instead. Higher praise I cannot give.”
Terry Rossio
Terry Rossio
Co-writer: Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3 & 4; Shrek; Aladdin; The Mask of Zorro; Déjà Vu
“Michael Hauge is a story master….”
DeVon Franklin
DeVon Franklin
Vice-President of Production, SONY Pictures/Columbia Pictures

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